Florencio x Dormello

A king in motion, fascinating in terms of presentation and expression.

Discipline Dressage
Breed: Warmblood
Stud Book: German Sport Horses, Oldenburg, Hanover and Westphalia
Height: 173cm
Colour: Liver Chestnut
Health Status: WFFS Negtive
Year of Birth: 2008
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Floricello Stallion

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SP Starlett
El.St. Marlene (Silke)
Dream of Heidelberg
Free love
Silke II



Floricello embodies the optimum in all three basic gaits. He was reserve champion at the Oldenburg licensing in 2010. The following year he became runner-up at the junior championships in Sweden, where he passed his performance test in 2012. In Falsterbo he won the Scandinavian Open. In 2013 he was runner-up world champion for five-year-old dressage horses in Verden . Under Andreas Helgstrand he received dream marks of up to 9.8 for movement, rideability and perspective. He has now won S level dressage competitions with Walter Wadenspanner and has placed highly several times. Floricello is the father of many offspring that are highly successful in sport and breeding. A premium stallion from the Oldenburg licensing, Floricello x Ampere, was particularly impressive in the last licensing year. The licensed stallions Oban, Klifton, Fairway and Formalin as well as the winner of the three-year-old mares at the Young Horse Championships 2016 in Sweden, Florence VH, come from Floricello's breeding in Sweden. In 2018, the Floricello daughter Malina S was the Oldenburg brilliant ring mare at the elite mare show in the castle park in Rastede. In general, Floricello's descendants can make a strong impression. The Danish gelding Lumiere was able to place 10th at the World Championships for young dressage horses in Ermelo and is now victorious in international young horse tours. The gelding Notting Hill Th won the Swedish SWB Trophy. The gelding Fumeé M was able to shine at the Federal Championships, becoming Bavarian Riding Horse Champion and South German Vice Champion. The father Florencio I was world champion of five and six year old dressage horses and later internationally victorious. The dam's father Dormello, who had a strong influence on Floricello's appearance, was champion stallion at the Oldenburg licensing in 1999. Due to the offspring evaluation including initial tournament successes and stallion performance tests, Dormello was awarded the Oldenburg Association's I b main prize in 2001. He produced six licensed sons in Germany and was successful in advanced level dressage. Today he covers in Sweden. Feingau, in the third generation, was a reserve winner at the performance test and produced outstanding riding horses. The great-grandmother Silke II produced the stallions Weltsporn (PB Westf., NED) and Valentino (PB Oldbg.) with Weltmeister. The fourth-generation Anglo-Arabian gray stallion Inschallah AA was one of the most important sires nationwide and, after Ramzes AA, is probably the most important representative of his breed in warmblood breeding. Inschallah AA was extremely versatile and produced top horses for arena, course and military, all of which were characterized by the highest levels of rideability and character. Floricello's half-sister Floricella won the SLP in 2018, was entered in the Oldenburg studbook with a score of 9.0 and was able to qualify for the Federal Championships in 2020 with Lisa Müller. The Hanoverian dam line 46/Alarcona (by Alnok-Juwel-Isary) also produced the stallions Corrado G (PB Bad.-Wttbg.), Godewind (Ldb. Celle), Santorin (PB Bad.-Wttbg.), Senator ( Ldb. Celle) and William's King (PB Rhpfs.). Image credit: Courtesy of Zuchthof Wadenspanner

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