Reserve Champion KWPN Performance Test 2023

Discipline Dressage
Breed: Warmblood
Stud Book: KWPN
Height: 165cm
Colour: Chestnut
Health Status: WFFS Negative
Year of Birth: 2020
Stud Terms: 24 Hr LFG
Stud Fee: £1,100 + VAT
Pjethro Stallion

Owner/Agent: Stallion AI Services
Contact: 01948 666295
Email: office@stallionai.com

Note: SAIS is agent for this stallion





Pjethro is the first son of Kjento (s.Negro) approved by the KWPN. This KWPN stallion is currently excelling in dressage under his rider Charlotte Fry. Kjento made a splash at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses, where he won the title twice. Mother Jaomie (elite D-OC) unites the blood of Desperado and Houston. Grandmother Naomie (ster pref perst) produced a large number of offspring in top sport. She serves as mother of no fewer than two international Grand Prix horses; the KWPN stallion Valeron (by Sandro Hit) and Dancer (by Jazz). In addition, Naomie, in combination with Sandro Hit, produced the Intermediaire II horse Sandro's Ace, with Olivi the Prix St. Georges horse Bolivi and with Jazz a Z2-classed dressage horse. Naomie is also grandmother of several sport horses. The mother's line continues with the Zevenster daughter Etoiledusoir (ster pref prest). She serves as the mother of many sport horses and is grandmother of the international Grand Prix horse Wobelisk (by Obelisk). Confirmation: Pjethro is a more than sufficiently developed, strongly built stallion with a sufficient rectangular model. The head is expressive with a large eye. The neck has good length with a correct head-neck connection. The neck has good length and very good shape and muscling. The shoulder has good length and position. The withers are well developed and have more than sufficient length. The back has sufficient length and more than sufficient muscle. The loin is well developed and broadly muscled. The croup has very good length, good position and muscling. Research report: Pjethro is a sympathetic and light-footed, rider-focused stallion with a very good attitude. The stallion wants to work and is very easy to work with by his rider. Th e walk has good activity, pure four-beat and good scope. The trot is characterized by a lot of mechanics and bending in the joints. The stallion is easy to collect and ride forward, and the stallion carries well. The canter is uphill, with a lot of balance, very powerful and very good usage of the hind leg. Pjethro moves with a lot of tact and a very good leg technique, a lot of self-carriage and balance, where his ability to go forward and collect is very positive. Pjethro has a lot of talent as a dressage horse and gives his rider a very good feeling.

Notable Progeny

First breeding season 2024.

Results for Pjethro

KWPN Performance Test Results 2023: Walk: 8.5 Trot: 9 Canter: 8.5 Suppleness: 8.5 Posture & Balance: 9 Rideability & willingness to work: 9 Talent as a dressage horse: 8.5 Total: 87 points