Post Castration Collection

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Epididymal Semen Extraction - Your Last Chance



Two scenarios:

1) Elective

Whatever your reason, you can choose to have your stallion castrated by your vet, same day courier his testicles to SAIS and let us salvage his sperm cells from the testes post castration.

2) Emergency

Sadly, accidents happen but it's not too late to salvage your stallion's valuable genetics. Epididymal semen extraction can be performed upon death of the animal or where the tested have suffered a sever trauma or testicular torsion.


If you're considering an elective castration procedure, have you thought about sending your stallion to us for conventional freezing first?  With our SAIS FREEZE+CASTRATE service, we can arrange the castration with our vets and care for your horse in his recovery.

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